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1935 Daimler 15

Unused for almost 40 years, this pre-war Daimler required quite a bit of restoration; new metal work and fabrication in almost every area of the body including front and rear wings, doors, boot lid, body arches as well as newly fabricated running boards and fuel tank. Some areas of metalwork were completely de-skinned to allow access to the ash frame beneath. The owner reproduced large numbers of replacement ash wood sections prior to these being re-skinned in new steel. Finishing with a period two-tone repaint of black over blue brings this almost lost Daimler back to life.

Black paint complete
First step - Blue paint
Primed and ready for paint.
Chassis primed and ready for black.
Rear panel fabrication
fabricated new fuel tank
fuel tank ready for primer and paint.
Ash wood frame
Ash wood frame
Doors being reskinned over ash wood frame
Body & chassis
Body shell & chassis
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