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Austin Mini Honda Type 'R'

Starting with a very tired old Mini in need of major restoration, RETROSPECTIVE has built this 260hp mid-engined Mini to as-new condition.  Featuring a Z-Cars engine conversion kit, (the engine has Kawasaki throttle bodies with laptop programmable ignition/fuel maps), full roll-cage, reinforced floors, partial demeaning, carbon fibre removable front end panels along with carbon fibre door cards, arches and bottled, Mk2 rear lights, heated front screen, digital column mounted instrument panel, colour matched 4-point harnesses and all-round disc brakes with alloy callipers.

The car also has the latest high tech sound proofing throughout and an mp3 music system.  A perfect road/track car!

Restoration complete
Restoration complete
Carbon Fibre arches in place
031207 015001
Carbon fibre bonnet fitted
021207 008001
Primed, now ready for paint
Mechanically complete - 1st outing
1st Outing 002001
Sound proofing
Engine Going In
Body frame
Before the transformation
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